How To Create MySQL Database And User

This post will guide you step by step for creating MySQL database and user using cPanel.

cPanel(Control Panel) is inbuilt software provided by hosting provider. cPanel makes it very easy to access all the web directories and application.

So we will create MySQL database and user using cpanel.

To create MySQL database, you need to login into cPanel of your hosting. To access cPanel there are three different ways.

  1. Login into your hosting account. Goto Customer area -> My Account and access cPanel.
  2. Using
  3. Using


Click on MySQL Databases as shown in above screenshot.

In order to create a new database you need to enter the desired name for the database in the New Database field and click on the Create Database button as shown below:

Create Database

A confirmation message will be displayed, informing that your database has been successfully created.

Now, you need to create user and assign that user to newly created database with all the privileges as shown in below screenshot:

Add User

After adding new user, you need to assign rights to that user as shown below


Save the settings and then confirmation message will be displayed. Now click on Go back button and assign that user to newly created database as shown in screenshot above this screenshot.

When you will click on Add for assigning user to database then again privileges will be displayed. Select the privileges which has to be assigned to user. Click on Save and user will be assigned to that database.

Confirmation message will be displayed.



THAT’S IT! MySQL Database and user is successfully created. User is assigned to the database with all the privileges.

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