How To Get Rid Of Negative Thinking In Simple Ways

Negative thoughts are not only bad but they are toxic. A negative thinking not only drains your energy but it is counterproductive. To be happy and successful in life you should focus on what you want but a negative thought makes you focus on what you don’t want in your life. Due to this you start finding worst in everything or you reduce your expectations by considering the worst possible scenarios.

What you think, you become – Buddha

To eliminate any problem you have to find solution for it. So how to eliminate this negative thinking?

There are two types of solution:

  • Temporary solution
  • Permanent solution.

Temporary solutions:

  • Focus on positive thoughts: When negative thought comes to mind, start focusing on positive thoughts e.g. focus on what could go right in any situation instead of focusing of what could go wrong.
  • Exercise: There are plenty of exercises out now; you can do anyone of them, which will pump up your blood and keeps you moving.
  • Refresh yourself: Drink water or wash your face or maybe you can take a bath.
  • Listen to your favorite music / sing a song.
  • Have a talk with your best buddy: Have a talk with your best buddy who can change your environment and make it positive.
  • Change your view: Spend some time with nature or take a walk in your garden or go to a coffee shop you love. If you change your view it will change your mind.
  • Use humor and fun: Go out with your friends or watch a comedy movie. It will shift your focus from negative thinking.
  • Focus on your breath.
  • Watching motivational videos.
  • Reading positive blogs/books.

These solutions will help you to get rid of your negative thought for a while.

To eliminate negative thought we need to find permanent solution.

How to find permanent solution?

First step in solving any problem is recognizing there is one – anonymous.

First step: Identify your thought.

You should identify your thought. It will make you clear about why and how negative thought has come to your mind. By identifying your thought half of the problem is solved and in some cases full problem is solved.

How to identify thought?

Ask questions to yourself:

  • Am I comparing myself to anyone?
    • e.g. she/he bought a new car; your colleague got a salary hike, etc.
  • Am I trying to do things perfectly?
    • e.g. I have to do this thing perfectly because according to me anything less than perfection is a failure.
  • Am I trying to prove something to someone?
    • e.g. someone says you that you can’t do this thing.
  • Do people like me?
    • e.g. everyone behaves very weird with me, so do they like me?
  • Am I perfect?
    • e.g. I can’t do this or I can’t do that because I am not perfect.
  • Is someone dominating you? Why?
  • Is someone humiliated you? Why
  • Does he/she like me?
  • Why he/she dumped me?
  • Why don’t I like him/her?
  • Why people behave with me like this?

Ask as many question to yourself you can and you will come to know that most of the negative thinking is due to hatred, comparison, lack of satisfaction or not feeling happy.

Second Step: Accept your thoughts

In first step you will find reason behind your negative thoughts.

Accept your thoughts. By accepting your negative thought, you start trying to control your mind. Impact of negative thought on you decreases. You start thinking about mistakes you have done. Learn from those mistakes. As you start learning from your mistake you start healing and you start growing in all ways.

Third step: Let it go

After identifying and accepting your thought, you will observe that, now negative thought has no control on you. So just Let it go.

After trying and figuring out solution for your negative thought you will learn to control your negative thoughts and will accept the situation as it is and you will start to find positive in any negative situation. After some solutions you will find that these negative thoughts are based on faulty beliefs, so why not just ignore them?

Next time any thought comes to your mind which drains your energy or you feel uneasy then just tell him ‘I am ignoring you, so it’s your decision whether to stay or to go?’.

If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought ― Peace Pilgrim

Take actions now and start eliminating your negative thought.

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