How To Promote Online Business Offline

Online Marketing is the great platform to get results. But many attractive users do not spent a lot of time on their computers or smartphones. To get huge returns we need to combine online marketing with offline marketing strategies.

Here are some low-cost offline marketing strategies to increase your sales:

1. Free advertising

Provide interesting facts about you, your products and why you started your business to media sources which are looking for interesting stories. E.g. You can contact your local radio station when their RJ’s are available for public discussion over radio.

2. Low-cost newspaper ads

Most of the cities have local newspapers. These are excellent resources for low-cost offline marketing.

3. Pamphlet/Handouts

Newspaper distributors can help you in distributing your pamphlet/handouts with their newspaper to all the locals for very little cost. This is also a low-cost offline marketing resource.

4. Media giveaways

If radio and television are giving any products free to their listeners and viewers then you can donate your free products in exchange for advertisements and publicity about your company.

5. Endorsements

Give your product to prominent local or some individuals for free. If they like it, they will use it, tell other people about it and maybe even endorse it formally.

6. Networking

Join social/business groups and discuss your product with the group members.

7. Free lunches

Invite potential customers to a free luncheon. And you can introduce your products and services to this potential buyers which is a great resource of offline marketing.

8. Vendor trade shows

Even if you cannot afford a booth, try to split your booth with some other company. Many successful entrepreneurs attend trade shows with only prototypes and sell hundreds of products.

9. Educational workshops

Hold a workshop that has educational value for potential customers. Your products and services can be included as a solution to challenges they face.

10. Coupons and handouts

create professional coupons and handouts for very little cost. Distribute these from your place of business or from distribution points where potential customers congregate.

11. Free products

Giving away your low-ticket or related products for free is an excellent low-cost marketing strategy. This works well when you are selling low-ticket items people use regularly.

12. Cross promotions

Cross promotions are popular in retailing but can be used in any type of business. Find companies who ready to promote each other’s business and provide website links on each other’s website.

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