How To Install WordPress Plugin In A 3 Different Ways

WordPress plugins are the set of functions which can extend functionalities or add new features to the WordPress Website. Every self-hosted WordPress blogger should know the Installation of WordPress plugin.

WordPress offers three ways to Install WordPress plugin on your blog

  • Search and Install
  • Upload and Install
  • FTP

Installing WordPress Plugin

To install WordPress plugin from dashboard is quick and easy method. If you know the name of the plugin then you can directly search from the WordPress dashboard and install it. To install plugin sign in into your WordPress account from your site.

  1. Click on Plugins on dashboard
  2. Click on Add New button as shown in screenshot below:

Now search the plugin you want to install. Refer the screenshot shown below:

  1. Enter the name of the plugin in search box.
  2. Click on Install Now button as shown.

In few minutes your plugin will be installed.

Congratulations!!! Now you can search and install any WordPress plugin.

Now you need to activate the installed plugin so as to add new features to your WordPress site.

Now, you can activate plugins in two ways:

  1. Click on Activate button as shown in screenshot below.
  2. Click on Installed Plugins and then click on Activate button as shown in second screenshot below.


Hurray!!! You have successfully installed and activated WordPress plugin.

Now to install WordPress plugin from third party vendors you need to download the plugin which will come in .zip format. After downloading the plugin follow the steps as shown in screenshot below:

First Click on Plugins in WP dashboard and then click on Add New Plugins. Now,

  1. Click on Upload Plugin
  2. Click on Choose File button
  3. Browse and select your plugin
  4. Click on open.

5. Now you can see your plugin uploaded to your WordPress site.

6. Click on Install Now Button as shown in screenshot below.

After installing success message will be displayed. Now you can activate the plugin by clicking on Activate Plugin button as shown in below screenshot.

Hurrah!!! Now you can install plugin by both the methods.

Installing WordPress plugin using FTP:

Installation of WordPress plugin using FTP is similar to the installation of WordPress theme using FTP. Refer below link to install WordPress theme using dashboard or FTP.

After downloading plugins which are in .Zip format, you need to unzip them using WinRAR or some other UnZipping software. Upload the file using FTP client. Normally, plugin upload folder is located under wp-content/plugins. Once you are done uploading  simply go to WordPress plugins folder under WP dashboard and activate the plugin. This is very useful for those who don’t have access to install plugins or themes from dashboard due to server restriction.

Deactivating and Deleting of plugin is also easy. Just go to installed plugins page and deactivate or delete the plugin. In some cases plugin can’t be installed due to conflict issue with other plugins. Just deactivate the old plugin and activate the new installed plugin.

I hope you can now install/uninstall, activate WordPress plugin using this guide. If you have any query do write it to us on Facebook Fan Page or you can directly email me at And don’t forget to subscribe to our Email newsletter to keep receiving more topics related to WordPress.


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