How To Install WordPress Theme

Here we will give you a complete guide to installing WordPress theme. WordPress Theme can be installed through Dashboard or FTP client. We will guide you in both the methods.

Guide To Install WordPress Theme:

You can download or activate the theme through WordPress official theme directory(Free Themes) or you can buy themes from various resources.

I assume you have downloaded WordPress theme. Themes are usually offered in .Zip format, which you can use to install WP theme directly from dashboard or using FTP client.

How To Install WordPress Theme Using Dashboard
  • Login to your WordPress dashboard using username and password.
  • Navigate to Appearance->Themes-> Add New as shown in below screenshot.


Click on Upload theme button and then Upload the downloaded WordPress theme file.

Once you click on Install now, your theme will be uploaded and will be installed on your server. You need to Activate the theme after theme is successfully installed as shown in next screenshot. Also you can preview your site by clicking on Preview. If some error is displayed than don’t worry, activate your theme and see it live.

How To Install WordPress Theme Using FTP:

If I want to install multiple themes or want to edit themes then I usually prefer this method. This method can also be used when there are some server security issues or some errors are shown while uploading your theme from dashboard.

To get started with FTP method following softwares/permissions are needed:

  1. FileZilla or any other FTP software.
  2. Your cPanel should provide you FTP access from the web panel.
  3. Also some unzipping software like WinRAR.
Unpack the theme:

If your theme is compressed i.e. in .zip format or any other format than you have to unpack it using unzipping software. I am using WinRAR to unpack the file. You can download the free version of WinRAR software from their official website and install it. Once installed, right-click on .zip folder of the theme and select Extract to your_theme_name\ as shown in screenshot below:

Now login to your FTP manager using host, username, password and/or port number. Navigate to wp-content/Themes folder on your server and upload the unzipped folder directly. Refer the screenshot shown below:

Click on Upload as shown in above screenshot and that’s it. Your theme will be uploaded on your server. Now we need to preview/activate the theme.

How To Activate WordPress Theme:

You can browse all installed themes from your WordPress dashboard. Go to Appearance> Themes, and you will see a list of all installed themes on your blog. You can Preview or activate the theme directly from here.

Congrats!!! You have successfully installed and activated new theme for your WordPress blog.

As installing of theme is necessary so is to delete/uninstall unused themes.

How To Delete/Uninstall WordPress Theme:

Go to Appearance > Themes and click on delete to remove any theme*.

You can also login to your FTP Manager and locate to wp-content/Themes and delete the theme which you would like to delete. Personally, I find Dashboard method is the best way to get rid of unused themes.

*Never delete your live theme directly. Switch to another theme first and then delete existing theme. Also export all your settings from the current theme before deleting it and after installing new theme don’t forget to import those settings in new theme. You can use WordPress SEO to import SEO settings.

I hope you can now install/uninstall, activate WordPress theme using this guide. If you have any query do write it to us on Facebook Fan Page or you can directly email me at And don’t forget to subscribe to our Email newsletter to keep receiving more topics related to WordPress.

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