How To Configure Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin

This guide will provide you step by step procedure to download, install and easily configure Yoast WordPress SEO plugin. When we talk about the best SEO plugin for WordPress then Yoast emerges as the best plugin amongst them. Yoast plugin has many advanced SEO features and hence it is not easy to configure Yoast plugin but I’m here to help you. Yoast plugin is known by the name “WordPress SEO by Yoast”.

Download and Install Yoast WordPress SEO plugin

It is very easy to download and install WordPress yoast plugin. You can refer below guide for installing WordPress plugin

I hope you have downloaded and installed Yoast plugin.

Following are some of the features provided by Yoast plugin:

  • Title meta settings
  • Meta Description settings
  • Link your blogs to Social profile
  • Create XML sitemaps
  • Verify sites in Google, Bing and Yandex
  • Breadcrumbs settings
  • Importing & exporting SEO settings from/to another SEO plugins
  • Editing .htaccess and robots.txt
  • Bulk editor for blogs.
  • Meta-control for Taxonomies, author page
  • RSS feed footer plugin settings
  • Advance permalink control

Now we will configure Yoast plugin for optimal performance.

Below are the screenshots of dashboard and General settings of yoast plugin. You can directly configure everything by clicking on Open the configuration wizard button in General tab. First we will complete all the tabs and then we see how to do settings in Configuration wizard.

Yoast Plugin - Dashboard

Yoast plugin General Tab

Features Tab

This tab contains Advanced settings for you blogs. If you want to set different titles and meta descriptions, metadata for social profiles then you can enable Advanced settings pages. OnPage.org and Admin bar settings analyses your blogs daily and checks if blogs can be search indexed and notifies you.

Company Info Tab You can set your website and company information as shown in screenshot below. Enter the information as this information is displayed in Google results.

Company Info

Webmaster Tab. In this tab you can specify the keys given by search engines when you verify your site on search engines. This allows search engine to crawl through your blogs and display it in search engine. Click on the links as shown in screenshot for various search engines. You can register your site on Bing, Google and Yandex which will scroll all the blogs and your site so as to display it in search engine.

Webmaster tools

Security Tab If you want your authors to set meta titles and meta descriptions for blogs then enable this setting or else If you don’t trust your authors then disable it.


As said earlier now we will use Configuration Wizard located in General Tab. Click on the button as shown in screenshot.Configuration Wizard

After clicking the button following window is displayed as shown in screenshot below

Yoast Header

There are 10 sub-windows for configuration. First is welcome window. You can signup for their newsletter in first window. Last is Thank you window on which Thank you video and some information about Yoast plugin is displayed. Let me tell you about remaining 8 windows.

Environment Window You can specify whether you are using production(live site which is already hosted and running), staging(copy of live site used for testing purpose only) or development(site which is running locally i.e. on your laptop/desktop).


Next is Site Type. You can select type of your site i.e. whether it is blog, website, e-commerce or any other. This settings are essential because it increases chance of your site to be displayed in search engine.
Site Type

Social Profiles Here you can mention all your links of social profile. If you want more traffic to your site then you have to publish your blogs on social website. These are the best medium to reach to your readers.


Post Type Visibility. To display your posts, pages and media i.e. images and videos in search engine then select visible for all three options. You can also select options as per your choice.y13

Multiple authors You can select this options if you want other authors to write blogs on your site.


Google Search Console. You can directly authenticate with google by clicking on REAUTHENTICATE WITH GOOGLE button. This will display all the available websites you have uploaded on google search console. Select your website and press next. When any blog is updated then google is notified about it and your blog is crawled again by google so that it is displayed in Google.

  • Soon I will upload one article on how to setup and use Google Search Console.


Title Settings. You can also specify you Website name and separator which is displayed in google window.

Will update this article very soon with remaining features.

I hope now you can set up Yoast WordPress SEO plugin for your blogs. It will make your site SEO and results will be displayed in search engines. If you have any query do write it to us on Facebook Fan Page or you can directly email me at admin@gtechpost.com. And don’t forget to subscribe to our Email newsletter to keep receiving more topics related to WordPress/SEO.

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